Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review of Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

Recently, I was in Superdrug and walked past the Sleek display and suddenly I fell in love... My eye caught the sight of very intense purple eyeshadows and that was it - completely head over heels for the palette! It had to be miiiine (think - Gollum looking at the Ring).

Fortunately, one of Sleek's most remarkable assets is that they make great palettes for only £7.99. Yes, you read it well, Seven pounds and ninety-nine pence!
12 beautiful eyeshadows for this price -  I couldn't resist.

The packaging looks very elegant and romantic, in perfect harmony with the name of the palette: "Vintage Romance Palette"

A transparent plastic film over the e/s indicate their names - they all revolve around the topic of love and romantic gestures in different cities. Hats off to the author of these names because they also respect a particular pattern: both the "action"/"state" and the city start with the same letter!

Here are closer shots of the shades:

I have to admit that I bought this palette in particular for the wide range of intense purple/violet/plum shades but the others are lovely too, especially "Meet in Madrid" which is a less vivid gold than Urban Decay's "Half Baked" (probably more like their "Easy Baked"). "Meet in Madrid" can be the perfect colour for highlighting inner corners à la Blake Lively.

Here are the swatches

First row:

Second row:

The palette comes with a foam double-sided applicator but I don't really use this type of "brushes".

The Vintage Romance Palette is definitely versatile. You can achieve varied looks thanks to the diversity of the twelve shades.

So far I have tried two looks.

One recommended by Sleek MakeUp themselves:

Metallic "Court in Cannes" as a base
"Meet in Madrid" applied to the inner corners
"Love in London" in the outer corners and crease

For the second one, I applied "A Vow in Venice" over the lid up to the crease, and then "Bliss in Barcelona" from the middle of the eyelid sweeping to the outer edge, and under the eye, near the bottom lashes. Then, in the crease, I added the gorgeous plum "Marry in Monte Carlo", which I also overlaid onto "Bliss in Barcelona" under my eyes. Finally, in the outer corner, I created a slight V with "Romance in Rome", which I blended softly.

For both eye makeup looks, I applied primer underneath but I think that I used more product for the purple one, which might be the reason why it lasted longer.

These e/s are good quality but in my opinion, unlike Urban Decay's or Mac's ones, they are slightly less pigmented, so you'll have to apply more if you are looking for intense colours.

However, for the price and the variety of shades it offers, I would highly recommend purchasing this palette.
As for the packaging and the presentation, it is so convenient, closes well, is very smooth and compact - therefore it can easily accompany you in your bag everywhere. The perfect companion!

And now I am dying to buy several of Sleek's palettes (namely "Au naturel" and the Ultra mattes ones) when I have more money... Oh Sleek, don't lead us into temptation!

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  1. Thanks for the review - I especially love the second look! I do like Sleek, they're good for the price. x