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Beauty and Fashion tips from my superb friend Delphine

My friend Delphine has turned 36 in November and she looks so youthful, groomed and stylish.

She has the most beautiful skin, with no pore larger than the other; she tans extremely well, and her long blonde mane is not really far from Blake Lively's at the top of my 'Hair Favourites' list.

This is her at an Asian wedding, something she knows well as she is married to a British man with Indian-Kenyan origins:

 And this is her again with my friend Julie (another French expat) and myself!

 I have decided to ask her what her beauty secrets were in order to share them with my followers and the rest of the world.

"Some people might think taking care of your appearance is superficial or a waste of time or, even worse, a lack of intelligence...but I am a feminist AND I love taking care of myself ;) The Japanese believe that you should treat your face and your hair like precious silk it is!"

"My favourite haircare is Kerastase, I use the Chroma range and Elixir for a night treat or on the length of my hair for styling, I never use hair dryers or straighteners as they break and damage hair so badly.
I am a total sunworshipper so protect my hair with the KMS suncare range which is fab (spray, mask and conditioner)."

"I loooove a good scalp massage! Argan oil is brilliant as it is extra nourishing and smells divine..."

"My skincare routine is also mental, I remove all traces of make up in the evening (except when I am soooo drunk and can't find the way to my own bathroom but the next day my skin looks gross and grey so defo not recommended), I love Bioderma to cleanse, a good toner and finish it off with a night serum and cream (Midnight Serum by Kiehl's is AMAZING) then sleep does the rest: my beauty sleep is a good 8 hours to ensure proper cell renewal."

"In the morning, I wake up my skin with a few spritzes of organic rose water. In the shower, I cleanse with Kiehl's super facial cleanser and once a week, Bioderma face scrub and mask for a home facial."

"The best way to wake up your skin is to gently massage a serum in a circular upward motion. I love Decleor Neroli and Oriental Rose oils (great anti aging), then apply a good moisturiser to lock in all the serum benefits. At the moment I use Neals Yard organic rose face cream for its anti aging properties, an eye cream (Yves Rocher Ovale lift or Lancome Genifique Eye Pearl are fab for dark circles and lines) and a lip balm (I'm a big Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream fan)."

About make-up, Delphine is also very passionate and does not find it hard to list what she prefers:

Favourite nail polishes: OPI and Essie
Favourite lipsticks: Chanel
Favourite mascaras: Lancome and YSL
Favourite eyeshadows: Chanel Illusion d'Ombre ("I love a good old smokey eye with metallic greens, or browns, or sometimes even black").
Favourite face base: Tinted moisturisers from Stila and Caudalie
Favourite blush: MAC Style blusher

And I'm quite proud  that I introduced Delphine to her signature scent, Original Musk by Kiehl's. Her favourite perfume was Ambre by L'Occitane but it was discontinued a couple of years ago and she was devastated. It indeed smelt lovely on her. Now, she's been more faithful to Original Musk than myself. She likes explaining that it was labelled "Love Potion" in the fifties and that it still works in 2012!

Finally, concerning fashion, Delphine and I have pretty similar taste in clothes and accessories. We shop together a lot, but we have different figures. I sometimes see dresses, jeans or blazers to die for which I will point to her, because I know that they won't fit me because of my boobylicious top half and my meaty derrière/legs.
Delphine has the perfect shape for nowadays' fashion, a bit like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, so loads of very beautiful and stylish garments suit her. If I had her body, I would probably dress in the same style.

Delphine does not mind sharing some of her fashion tips with you:

"If I could steal a celebrity wardrobe at the mo, it would be Olivia Palermo: I love all her chic blazer and jeans combo."

"I am a total shoe addict and live in heels, I would never be caught dead in a pair of Uggs....or Crocs...People past the age of 8 wearing them should be SHOT ;)"

Delphine was recently offered a pair of Louboutins by her husband.
It had been one of her dreams for years.

"At the moment, my favourite shops are Zara, Mango and Topshop, and for shoes I should definitely have shares in Office and Kurt Geiger..." (note from Amélie: Delphine has probably more seventy pairs of shoes. When you open the doors of her shoe closet, it feels like you've stepped into Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in wardrobe in Sex and the City, the film!)

"But the best way to look good is to be happy, make love, laugh a lot, dance a lot, drink a lot of champagne, good red wine and Hoegarden with lemon, be stupid and live your life as if no one is looking ;)"

Without any makeup during the summer in France

For a makeover photoshoot. Very 40s femme fatale

With our friend Julie

Looking sultry with her Parisian friends

With her perfected summer tan, clashing with my eternal snowy complexion ;)

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  1. Arf ! Olivia Palermo...Ah si j'étais riche

    Sans transition, ta copine est super belle. Je crois par contre qu'on a toutes nos astuces beauté, perso, j'ai des tips qui ne conviennent pas à mes amies...