Monday, 5 November 2012

The Black Widow

So last week, it was Halloween! People started to celebrate the weekend before, and the party I was invited to was the following Saturday. I normally try to avoid fancydress dos because I don't like spending a lot of money on costumes, especially one-offs. At the moment, I barely get any income, so I could not afford to buy or even rent something fancy. Sometimes it's a choice between that and eating for the week...
I racked my brain for some cheap creative ideas, and I ended up investing 16 pounds in a beautiful fascinator from Accessorize which I will wear again, unlike the black net attached to a little top hat that cost 27 pounds. Ok, that hat looked really cool in a Dita-Von-Teese kinda of way, but I don't think I would have any other opportunity to wear it whereas I will be able to wear the fascinator to a wedding or a funeral.

Accessorize fascinator

I also bought a Barry M Blink Precision Eyeliner for the modest sum of £4.59. I LOVE Barry M!!! They have gorgeous eye pencils which are quite cheap and dozens of pretty nail polishes for only 3 pounds.

Barry M Blink Precision Eyeliner
I had previously seen a video on youtube uploaded by Fablesinfashion and I decided to recreate that look. I chose to dress as a black widow - not the spider, but someone whose husband has died and who's still mourning but with a dangerous twist. I thought it would be an intriguing look, very "femme fatale".

I didn't really follow her instructions regarding the eye makeup. I did it my way. Same for the complexion and contouring. I was already made up so I used that as a base.
I doodled flower/leaves shapes, stars and other lines and dots to create the lace. I also drew the netting. I tried to use different types of brushes and gel liner as she suggested (with my Bobbi Brown gel liner and a MAC 210 eyeliner brush) but the brush was not hard enough and bent too much so I couldn't get a really thin line, so I stuck to the Barry M pen.

This is the result:


 This is me with Roberta, one of the girls who threw the party.

People at the party were impressed and the fake mask was a brilliant icebreaker! Loads of people who I didn't know came up to me to talk about my makeup.
What about you, readers? Do you like my cheap costume?



  1. I absolutely LOVE it !!!
    It's beautiful and it's a brilliant idea ! And it shows what a talented make-up artist you are ! ;-)

  2. Thank you Emilie, I'm touched by your comment! :)