Friday, 16 November 2012

Review of Veil - Hourglass Cosmetics primer

Hi Everyone,
Today I am going to review a product who is apparently a best-seller in America: Veil, the mineral primer from Hourglass Cosmetics. 

Recently, Space NKs and Liberty have introduced Hourglass Cosmetics and I had heard about their concealer whilst watching a Pixiwoo video tutorial. One of the sisters seemed to rave about that product and on video, it seemed to glide easily on skin and cover well. Plus, the brand is called 'Hourglass': being one myself, this drew my attention! 
Having enough concealers in my beauty cabinet - probably four or five, ermmm - I decided not to browse that type of products next time I would visit their stand, but just have a look at the range that looks sophisticated and on a par with Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown in terms of quality and type of eyeshadows. 
I bought a crease brush (n°4) which is made of top-quality hair, not of animal origin and approved by PETA, which is definitely a positive point. I was then given a sample of their primer. Today I decided to test it and take pictures of when I had just applied it and a few hours later. 

 The texture and apperance of the product is a mix between a thin cream and a gel. It is not transparent like the Smashbox or the Sephora I used before, but not as thick as the MAC one. It also has a little bit of opalescent, bluish tint to it. 

 I had previously applied my AR457 day moisturiser and Boots number 7 eye cream and my skin was well prepped and hydrated but I didn't find it very easy to spread the primer and I had to use quite a big amount compared to what I normally use with the other primers. I could tell the substance was with silicone as it had the characteristic touch and feel of products which contain that ingredient. Then I applied one of my favourite foundations, which is YSL Teint Radiance foundation in 5 (I think that in winter, I should maybe go down to number 4). What I like about this foundation is that, as its name states it, it radiates light. The skin is not matte but not too oily and glowing like a disco ball. With the primer underneath, I found it hard to spread the foundation. This forced me to use even more foundation that I normally use. It also mattified my foundation and left my skin drier and tauter than it usually feels without the primer. However I thought that the matt effect would at least help my foundation to stay for longer. 

These are the pictures I took when I just applied the products (at around 9am): 

These are the photos I took after six hours:

It does not show that much here on the pic but my nose was gleaming

This photo is absolutely horrendous but it is to show the enlarged pores!!! 

It is not that apparent on the photos because of the lighting but my nose was shining, the pores were very obvious and it seemed that they had absorbed the foundation, maybe because my skin was parched. So I don't think the virtues the brand mentions on the website which are: 

 - "restores moisture to dehydrated skin"> well, on the contrary, my skin was quite dehydrated after a few hours - minimizes the appearance of large pores and fine lines"> My pores were so large after a few hours and full of foundation that it was definitely not a great look. I had deliberately not powered my T zone to see the results. 

So unfortunately, Hourglass primer, I don't like you very much. I wanted to, but I don't think you're much better than the other primers I have tried before. I think I will stick to MAC and will try Laura Mercier's one day. 

At least, Hourglass primer is oil-, fragrance-, paraben-, gluten-, sulfate-, phthalate-free and vegan. There had to be a few positive points to this overpriced product ($52 in America and £52 in the UK)!


  1. My favourite primer is Benefit That Gal, I find it works quite well... and the MAC prep & prime range is amazing, although expensive x

  2. I have yet to try this. Do you have an idea how much is the price of this product in the Philippines?
    ~Pauline @Kallony