Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Well, I had to start somewhere....

This is my first blog post ever! My dear friend Jenny has prodded me into launching my own blog as she totally believes in me and has always been a great supporter of mine.

She's the cute brunette with me on the picture! 

This is going to be a window to my world, and will therefore be neither pretentious nor über-fashionable nor trend-setting.

 I have decided to entitle it "My Life as an Hourglass" because one of my biggest pet peeves is struggling to find clothes that suit my body (which is in an hourglass shape). In the recent years, the Evil Fashion World has decided that they would make people like me resemble potato bags with their creations!
There aren't many clothing items that are fitted or cinched. Almost everything is cut for people who don't have big breasts and who are very thin. I guess that when they start drawing, they think "Ah Kate Moss, you're divine..." and there you have it: my worst nightmare. Clothes that make me look like a tent/pregnant woman/60 year old. :(

Ok, I could raid a vintage shop and start dressing as a fifties pinup, but I don't want to look as if I had stepped out of a Marilyn Monroe movie. Plus I don't like smelling of moth balls :p Sorry vintage lovers, I do have a great respect for you, but my nose really doesn't appreciate the smell in vintage shops.

I will need your expertise, dear readers, to direct me to places where I will find clothes that make me look my best. Believe me, sometimes resorting to personal shoppers who are supposed to be trained to understand your needs and body shape does not lead you anywhere. I remember an appointment with a lady in Oasis who kept offering me blouses and tops which were so unflattering and drowned my figure into an ocean of unshapely material.

Maybe I will take photos of how poorly most fashionable clothes fit me. You'll have concrete examples of what I am talking about!

However, be reassured, if you don't really care about fashion, my blog will not just tackle this sphere. I will talk about make-up, skin care, music, films, celebs, food, decoration, art... Anything that makes my heart beat or my tongue stick out in disgust.

And please be indulgent regarding the look and style of the blog, because, as Robert Pattinson says in 'How to be', "it's a work in progress". ;)

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