Tuesday, 30 October 2012

This week's recommendation

Dear readers,

today, just a short note... (Wow, that will make a change after the über-lengthy article I wrote about Frakenweenie!)

Recently, I went to I am Harlequin's gig at the Strongroom bar. I had never set foot into that place in Shoreditch but it was like home straight away.
My type of venue.
Not too hip, not full of chavs or bling bling people.
I felt at ease with the people there. I think I'm going to hang out there more often. It might become my new HQ.

'I am Harlequin', a.k.a Anne Freier, is from Germany and has written her first English song at the age of 7. Her music has featured on the UK hit series Skins. In my eyes, she has a very original voice, which reminds me of Kate Bush's or Florence Welsh's. Personally, I am much more drawn to that kind of tone than voices calibrated for musicals; you know, the crystal-like voices that are so pure and reach so high... Blah. 
She also conveys tons of emotions when she sings, a skill that even myself as a singer find hard to possess. 
Anne was accompanied by talented musicians and sang a few of the finest songs in her repertoire.
Tonight I want to recommend to you WILD ONE, my favourite track by her.
Her live version performed in Bethnal Green is utterly superb:

A song that will certainly be the soundtrack of my long winter months...

She also has a really cool track with a 80s vibe called 'Something else' which is very dancy live. I even got caught on camera 'shaking that ass', as Groove Armada once put it. So my little boogie was immortalized on film and I got to talk with the singer who's really sweet. She's an artist who communicates with her audience. I really value that. 

Please check her website, guys!  And if she's got a gig in your area, make sure to attend. By the end of the night, you'll be enchanted!


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