Monday, 15 October 2012

Let's plant the tent...

Hi guys,
today I had to go shopping for blouses or shirts because I have to dress in a very smart/business way for a job on Thursday. You might wonder why I don't already own one of them in my full to bursting wardrobe. It is because 1) I hate ironing and I will avoid anything that needs to go under my decrepit iron (and I haven't even got an ironing table...) and 2) the blouses which have invaded all the shops in the last few years are not fitted and billowy. They have that vintagey look; most of them are in chiffon and would be perfect on Florence and the Machine or any girl who's really skinny and trendy. On me, they remind me of my middle-aged, blind piano teacher when I was a kid. Madame Barrière was a brilliant teacher. She taught me everything I know about piano playing, but she was definitely not a fashion icon and looked rather matronly...
Whenever I try on the previously mentioned shirts, it also transforms me into the Governess from the Chase, Anne Hegerty.

Not sexy, I'm telling you.

What I would like designers to realise, it's that girls with an hourglass figure like mine really struggle with nowadays fashion. So I decided to try loads of the shirts that were in the shops and took pictures of myself. For once, you are going to see clothes that don't fit, and that makes (some) people look hideous. Not just the usual blog shot of "look at me, I've put together this amazing outfit in five seconds, faster than Rachel Zoe and her team of stylists reunited".

First of all, the "col qui dégueule" which means "barfing collar" in French. The one that droops over your boobs.... I look so top heavy and fat, it's disgusting.

Then there were others which make me look like a tent:

All of them are too puffed and billowy around the waist.
I found a couple that were okay. However, one was so see-through that I didn't get it (I might later when it's on sale and I will put a vest underneath)

And this one (but now that I look at it again, I am not sure about the draping over the skirt waist)
But, FINALLY, for work, I found something!!!!
I bought this dress which is a combo of a blouse and a skirt:
And I have also bought a shirt and a skirt which were really cheap, because on sale, at Vero Moda (but those, I don't think I will be able to wear them in a very proper working environment, as the skirt is a bit short). At least, I can put them on when I intend to go out or just during a normal day.
What do you think, peeps? Do you like it? How do you find shopping for blouses/shirts? I am waiting for your comments!

The image of Ann Hegerty comes from this website:


  1. Funny blog :) I know too well what you mean. I'll show you the t-shirt I bought in Thailand when I was too drunk to realise what I was buying, lol! A proper TENT!!
    I quite like the one with the bow too by the way, the draping around the waist looks ok on the picture xx

  2. Hahaha, I really want to see that tshirt now! We'll have to take a picture. Don't worry, I can put a mask on your face if you're ashamed! You too are the perfect example for people with normal limbs but massive boobs ;)

  3. T'es hyper dure avec toi même, je trouve ! Même si je reconnais que l'achat de la blouse est casse-gueule, hello j'ai pris 15 kilos en enfilant un bout de tissu léger comme un voile, merci mes seins... Pourtant j'adore l'idée de la blouse, la pièce qui fait à la fois stylé / habillé / décontracté et souvent les matières sont chics. Pour revenir à ta sélection, j'aime bien la blouse avec le noeud -un p'tit côté Alexa Chung ;) et je comprends ton coup de coeur pour celle au dessus qui est transparente, c'est sexy sans être vulgaire mais peut être inapproprié pour le boulot, je reconnais. Je n'ai encore jamais passer le pas de l'achat de la robe 2 en 1 mais le résultat sur toi est super réussi. Man Dieu ! Je vais m'arrêter là, je pourrai parler des heures chiffons...Sinon, ton post, fait un peu groupe de paroles pour fille à forte poitrine, ha, ha, ha !

  4. Il faut bien rire de soi ! Mais honnêtement, je suis juste réaliste. Beaucoup de fringues à la mode ne sont pas seyantes et me font énormes. Et en effet, tu as tout compris, mon post/blog est un peu un groupe de paroles pour filles à fortes poitrines car je veux montrer que finalement ce n'est pas parce qu'on a des gros seins qu'on a atteint le jackpot ! Merci pour tes recommendations - celle avec le petit noeud, je l'aime bien, mais elle est tellement ample, si tu voyais hors de la jupe ! Et tu as très bien choisi la référence car cette blouse vient de Vero Moda, enseigne pour laquelle Alexa Chung est l'égérie ;) Quant à la transparente, elle m'allait plutôt bien, mais je me demande quand j'aurai des occasions de la porter (et puis, c'est bon, j'ai pas non plus les sous de tout acheter, ni même d'en acheter une LOL!!) Merci pour tes commentaires Clarisse. Je les lis avec plaisir :)

  5. Have you tried Pepperberry clothing from Bravissimo? Also, there are quite a few bust-friendly brands out there..I've heard great things about, and one of my new finds: (the dresses are very roomy in the bust which is great for curves!)

    Please check out my blog too..I post a lot about lingerie and swimwear for larger busts and clothes for curves..:)
    Kitty x

  6. Hi Kitty, thanks for your comment!!
    Yes I have looked at Pepperberry clothing: the polka dot on my very first post is from there. But I find with that brand is that it is more the type of clothes middle-aged women would wear, and I'm still young, I want to wear things my age and rather fashionable. I keep an eye on their clothes because from time to time they produce very pretty garments! As for the others, unfortunately, it's too vintage for me, not my style at all. I don't mind wearing such dresses/tops once in a while but I feel as if I'm acting in 'American Graffiti' or in 'Pleasantville'. The patterns used for Collectif clothes are a bit too rockabilly for me,and imo, a tad too garish.
    I like the Audrey Hepburn dress though on Lady Vintage. I might invest in it when I have more money. I will have a look at your blog promptly