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La leçon d'érotisme

Today, my post won't be too long because my parents are about to arrive. They are going to stay for five days in my new flat. They haven't seen it, so this is very exciting! They've come all the way from Bordeaux to spend a few days with me, and they are going to help me finish the decoration, so I will take pictures of the rooms afterwards. I'm sure my friends abroad will be delighted to see my little nest. :)
Anyway, today, I'm going to tell you about the show I saw last week:

My friend Litzie, an extremely dancer, used to be in the troupe and performed in Paris and Las Vegas for years but unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to go and see her.
At her wedding recently, I met one of her best friends, Laurianne, a.k.a Diva Novita, one of the pillars of the Crazy Horse Paris. Diva has danced for seven years for that show. She started there when she was only 19, and believe me, being part of that troupe is a massive achievement for a dancer in France or even worldwide. This is a very prestigious spectacle, which exists since 1951, and has been in full swing for numerous decades. They've exported to Las Vegas, Moscow, St Petersbourg, Madrid, Barcelona with their "Forever Crazy" show, but this time, they're in London, and it's groovy, baby... At least, their illustrious act "God save our bareskin" was particularly relevant in this city.
Laurianne was not supposed to dance in the London troupe because she is retiring from the Crazy on Sunday 21st October. The end of an era...
I really wanted to see her perform before she leaves, and fortunately for me and her, but sadly for her colleague, the latter was injured and had to rest so Laurianne replaced her for a week.
I was over the moon to meet her on my soil and I asked her if there was some way that I could attend the show. I don't have much money at the moment, so I couldn't afford the full price...

Amazingly, she got me two complimentary tickets for my friend Sarah and me.

This is us, at the very front row, waiting for the show to start.

Ok, I couldn't finish the post before my parents arrived so I am resuming today, on the very day Laurianne is doing her final show.

There are numerous acts during the show. One of them is the title of this post 'La leçon d'érotisme', which takes place on a Dali lip sofa. I know Sarah really enjoyed this one. My favourites were (not in order):

1)'Scanner' - where girls danced around poles and are not very lit apart from an horizontal light which goes up and down (hence the name).
2) The one where they use a mirror to create reflections of their dancing legs, hands, arms... It reminded me of Dali's 'Swans reflecting Elephants' :)

3) The one where the lights follow the girl's hand over her body and, as she strokes herself, they reveal lace on her skin. The soundtrack for that act is a song by Anthony and the Johnsons and this adds a very emotional note to the whole thing.

Some songs got stuck in Sarah's and my mind. There's this mini act that keeps re-ocurring entitled "Zou bisou bisou", and the theme tune is so cheesy and catchy that you will sing it for days. During the finale, the girls chant "you turn me on, you turn me on", which I have been humming almost once every day.

This is Laurianne in 'Zou bisou bisou':


The dancers are in a fantastic shape and so limber. Their skin seems flawless, thanks to intelligent lighting and foundation all over their body but you cannot deny that their actual limbs are properly toned. Their bottoms are so perky, and they keep using them against the poles, the creepers, the mirrors... I am not into women but I think all the females in that venue had their eyes riveted on those dancers' bodies and found them fascinating.

The Crazy Horse has been such a temple of erotica that famous pin-ups have made some guest appearances for a little stint: Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Dita Von Teese, and the latest one, now in London, is Kelly Brook.
Her collaboration was announced early this week and guess what? I knew the exclusivity before, because when I arrived to watch the show on Thurs 11st October, I saw Kelly just in front of the venue. She was 1m away from me, saying goodbye to some people, and straight away, I thought "hmm hmm, maybe she's going to make a guest appearance". Then I saw Laurianne the following day and asked her: "I saw Kelly Brook in front of the venue yesterday. Is she going to work with you by any chance" and she nodded.
I think it's going to be a massive draw for British people as Kelly is considered a huge sex symbol over here.

Finally, before wrapping up this article, I wanted to show you a few pictures of my 'Crazy Horse Look' I have tried to recreate.

I am not used to wearing fake lashes and I felt like I had butterflies over my lids. I found it really hard to stick them on as well, but it's probably a technique I have got to master. Those are the ones made by Nadine from Girls Aloud.

The eyeshadows are from Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette and the lipstick is Gabrielle by Chanel. It looks orangey on my pictures but it is normally a beautiful Marylin Monroe red.

What do you think of this look? I think it's very dramatical. It's beautiful but I don't think I will have many opportunities to wear it.

I am leaving here the link to the Crazy Horse in Paris: Le Crazy Horse Paris

And I want to conclude by saying:

Photo by Antoine Poupel

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